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Words from Our Members

"Sierah pledged AKPsi my sophomore year of college and I'll never forget the memories I was able to make with her. She was able to make everyone laugh, but also flip a switch in an instant to be one of the most professional brothers we would have. I remember when she was a pledge making a joke halfway through the process that one day I hoped to be as put together as she was, and that we had also struggled that day to give much anything she could improve upon. It has been incredible to see her live on through so many of us over the years. Fly High, Sierah. <3"

- Coral Petersen, Fall 2014

"Sierah was full of spirit! From the moment she came into a rush night, she never held back who she was. I remember seeing her just two weeks before her last bike ride. She was turning in her passport to study abroad that fall and I was working on campus. We say, "Hey!", chatted about summer, and I asked if she could be in our rush video we were making, but she was busy working at the time. We hugged, walked our separate ways, and I would have never imagined that would be the last time I'd see her. Her spirit lives on, she's going to save so many life's by her story and the efforts of her family to make sure her name is never forgotten."

- Natalie Zerucha, Fall 2014

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