Do I have to be a business major to join AKPsi?

All majors are welcomed and encouraged to join our chapter. We believe that all majors can benefit heavily from professional development. We have had members in just about major that The University of Toledo has to offer, chances are someone else shares your major or a similar one!

How can I join?

Visit us on our Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook pages to find out about information nights. Come to as many as possible to learn more about our members and our organization. From there, attend our interview process, analogous to a job interview, to be considered further.  Attending our information sessions is totally non-committal!

How much does it cost?

Like every organization, Alpha Kappa Psi does require dues from its members to pay for our operating costs for our major events.  Our membership dues average out around $160 per semester, depending on the number of active members in the chapter at the time. Our pledging dues are split into two payments: $60 at the beginning and $90 at the end of the process.

Do I have to have a minimum GPA?

No. The Gamma Eta Chapter does not require a minimum GPA. GPA may be taken into account but it is not a prerequisite for the pledging process or membership. A good portion of our members have had their GPAs improve following their pledging process.

What is the pledging process like?

Currently, our pledging process is 8 weeks long. The Vice Presidents of Membership and the Director of Rituals guide the pledges by educating them on Alpha Kappa Psi's core values, and how to apply those core values in a business environment. By the end of the pledging process, new members have gained organizational and time management skills along with practice in public speaking and portraying positive body language. Some of the activities the pledges may be involved in is planning fundraising events, volunteering at community engagements, and networking with members and faculty.

What does it mean to be a business fraternity?

Our organization balances the fun of a social organization with the benefits of a professional one. We know when it is appropriate to have a good time with our Brothers, but also when we need to get "down to business."  The bonds that we build this way go far beyond just simple friendships, touching every aspect of our lives.

Are there other Chapters of Alpha Kappa Psi?

Yes!  Alpha Kappa Psi is the nations oldest and largest co-ed professional business fraternity, with hundreds of Chapters around the world, including Canada, England, and Hong Kong.  The Fraternity as a whole was founded in 1904, with Toledo's Chapter being founded in 1951.  Our Chapter has never been re-chartered, making us one of the oldest continually operating Chapters, specifically 25th out of the 365 Chapters ever founded.

I have a question that you didn't already answer, who can I ask?

Not a problem!  Feel free to use the Contact Us page to send us an email with your question!  A member will get in touch with you shortly regarding your question, just be sure to put an email that you regularly check as the reply!